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1. Product Engineer
1) Product development, including product drawings, BOM, process and control plans.
2) Analysis on product structure, functions and materials according to customer demands.
3) Technical assessment of projects and contracts.
4) Preparation and perfection of DFMEA to identify relevant materials and process.
5) Product pre-trial and tackling design problems during trial and production processes.
6) Assessment of engineering documents provided by clients and management of documents related to construction change.
7) Supervision of production progress according to project development progress, including project management of product design, sample trial, batch test and mass production, and sample delivery and approval.
1) Bachelors’ degree or above, majoring in Machinery, Molds, High Polymer Materials, Engineering or other related electronics fields.
2) CET-4 or above, more than three years of experience in auto parts.
3) Capable of engineering drawing, tackling problems during product development process; capable of independently analyzing and tackling product defects during production process.
4) Understanding UG / CATIA operations, injection molding, foaming, sheet metal forming process, and mold structure.
  2. Project Manager
1) Project preliminary assessment and feasibility analysis.
2) Tracking and coordinating project development process, ensuring that all APQP requirements are met at each stage of the project.
3) Preparation of project work plan; communication with customers timely; passing of customers’ technical requirements.
4) Communication with other departments; passing of requirements of other departments.
5) Work arrangement for crew members; supporting product engineers’ work.
6) Prediction and classification of potential project risks and development of adjustment plans and contingency response strategies.
1) Bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in Machinery, Material Science or other related fields.
2) Over two years of relevant work experience.
3) Familiar with the requirements and specifications of engineering drawings.
4) Familiar with TS16949 or VDA6.1 or QS9000 system.
5) Good command of English or French.
6) Proficient in relevant work software.
7) Applicants with experience in auto parts industry are preferred.  
    3.Tooling and Gage Engineer
1) Preparation of design and manufacture plans of tooling and gage.
2) Design of tooling and gage.
3) Tackling technical problems during manufacture and maintenance of tooling and gage.
1) College degree or above, majoring in Machinery or Material Science.
2) At least two years relevant work experience.
3) Familiar with plastic and metal molding, assembly manufacturing process and mechanical design.
    4.Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)
1) Development and recognition of outsourcing parts of new products.
2) Supplier evaluation
3) Establishment of potential supplier repository.
1) College degree or above, majoring in Machinery, Material Science or other related fields.
2) Over two years of relevant work experience.
3) Familiar with TS16949 or VDA6.1 or QS9000 system.
4) Good reading and writing skills in English.
5.ERP System Engineer
1) Familiar with functions of all modules of ERP system.
2) Understanding the development trends and latest news of ERP system.
3) Preparation of ERP program files and work guidance documents for all departments.
4) Communication with all departments about the use of ERP systems and tackling problems timely.
5) Training for system users to improve their work efficiency.
6) Communication with the supplier of ERP system software, making good use of their work.
7) Implementation and validation of software upgrading.
8) Proposing suggestions about ERP.
1) Proficient in setup and use process of ERP system.
2) Capable of reading documents in foreign language.
3) Good spoken and writing skills.
4) Capable of independently tackling technical problems.
5) Familiar with the operation procedures of all departments.
6) Strong receptivity.
7) Good interpersonal skills.
8) Good computer skills.
  6.Vice Manager of Quality Department
1) Implementation of quality system to ensure good product quality to meet customer needs.
2) Preparation of documents about product quality control; providing post training, instruction and assessment to product inspectors and on-site customer service persons.
3) Leading and supervision product inspectors to ensure smooth execution of daily product supervision and qualified products.
4) Ensuring efficient control and reasonable disposal of disqualified products.
5) Auditing and analyzing inspection results; identifying and eliminating disqualification and consumption to ensure standard handling of abnormal problems found in machinery and products during production.
6) Holding quality analysis meeting about abnormal problems in daily production, finding out causes and solutions together with Engineering Department and Production Department to keep rejection rate under target value.
7) Periodical summary of product defects and preparation of related reports to have company leaders learn about quality trends all the time.
8) Actively using quality improvement tools and promoting these tools to have other departments recognize theses tools and keeping continuous quality improvement.
1) Bachelor’s degree or above, capable of working under pressure.
2) 3-5 years of experience in quality management of automotive industry; more than one year of experience in team management.
3) Good command of English writing and reading technical information.
4) Good command of requirements in automotive industry, such as TS16949 and VDA.
5) Understanding test methods and criteria in automotive interior industry.
6) Proficient use of quality tools such as the 5 quality manuals.
7. Product Quality Engineer

1) Quality management and control of process and finished products put forward by customers.
2) “Final product check” before product delivery.
3) Preparation and implementation of product testing procedures.
1) College degree or above, majoring in Machinery or Chemical Materials.
2) Strong analysis capability about quality problems.
3) Good communication and coordination skills.